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Welcome to PSD website. For general questions, feedback and complaints about PSD or any of its services please use the "Feedback System" form at the left sidebar of this page.

For advice on accessibility, getting the PSD on your mobile, choose one of the tabs above.

We also offer help and frequently asked questions (FAQs) on these topics:

  1. Staff Directory

    List of email dan telephone all PSD Officers

  2. Web configuration

    Although the PSD tries hard to make easy to use, sometimes things need a little extra explanation. This section answers some common questions.

  3. Really Simple Syndication

    What is RSS? Why need RSS? How to use RSS?

The forms below are intended for users with vision impairment or physical disabilities. If you are experiencing another issue, please visit the Help Center to locate the correct FAQ or Feedback System so that we can assist you further.

PSD understand everybody should have access to it’s content, which is why we have strive to make this website more accessible to all user groups. Due to the share volume of web pages within this site, not all pages (particularly older content pages) may have been updated to the new format yet.

If you have any difficulty in accessing any of our pages, please let us know of the problem. We would also like to hear from anyone with general feedback with regards to our new site.

PSD Portal Team.

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