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11. Is there any source of reference for comparison of rank between Royal Malaysian Police (RMP), Malaysian Armed Forces (MAF) and Public Service based on Service Circular No. 25 Year 2009?

Although RMP and MAF are part of the Malaysian Public Service, these two services are unique and have more stringent and complex Command and Control elements. Therefore, no comparison should be made between RMP, MAF and other Malaysian Public Service.

12. What is the definition and purpose of having Multiple Entry Qualification (MEQ) in a scheme of service?

MEQ allows the Appointing Authority to recruit candidates with various levels and fields of qualification. The main purpose of MEQ is to attract and retain competent and high performance human capital to serve the need of public services. MEQ are categorized as follows:

  • MEQ based on various fields of academic discipline or professional qualification (e.g. Science, Economy, full membership with Malaysian Institute of Accountants etc.);
  • MEQ based on the level of academic qualification (e.g. Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree etc.).

13. What is the circumstances that allows a department to apply for a new Special to Holder (KUP) post?

A KUP post is created to accomodate the grade of the incumbent when there is a difference between the incumbent’s actual grade and the positions grade that he/she is assigned. The post will be terminated right after the incumbent leaved the service.
Conditions to enable application especially for KUP post are:

  • reasons of interest of the service:
    • The incumbent was promoted whereas the post was not being upgraded; or
    • The position held by the incumbent was being upgraded/ downgraded;
  • to accommodate officers who are still occupying the obsolete post; or
  • due to changes in Government Policies as a result of the enforcement letter by JPA, Numbered 12, Year 2009-Implementation of Promotion for Support Group Officer with 15 years of service or more in Scheme of Services and Current Services.

14. What is the purpose of having Bahasa Melayu requirement?

As Malaysian national language, Bahasa Melayu is the principal communication medium in Malaysia. Therefore, all public servants are required to have a good command of the language to ensure effective communication with their clients. Determination of qualification levels are based upon the need of individual services. Qualifications level used are either a pass or honours in any of the three major examinations (i.e. Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM), Penilaian Menengah Rendah (PMR) atau Sijil Rendah Pelajaran (SRP)). However, for scheme of service that requires academic qualification lower than PMR/SRP, a satisfactory command in Bahasa Melayu is sufficient.

15. Is the process of recruiting for critical posts, for example Medical Officer also being freeze in accordance to JPA circular letter JPA.BPO(S)71/3/4-2 Vol.3(17) dated 20 May 2011?

The Appointing Authority (PBM) is well informed on the issue of recruiting for critical posts. All aspects of the freeze order will be reviewed to ensure no shortage of manpower in the moratorium period. The freeze order is effective from 20 May 2011 to 31 August 2011. After the period, the recruitment process is back to normal.

16. Definition/ Terminology of Services Group.

  • Top Management : Jusa C – Staff Grade I;
  • Management and Professional : Grade 41 – Grade 54;
  • Support Group with Diploma/STPM qualification : Grade 27 – Grade 40;
  • Support Group with SPM qualification : Grade 17 – Grade 26; and
  • Support Group with PMR/SRP qualification and lower: Grade 1 – Grade 16.

17. Mr. Mikhail is a graduate from University of Toledo, Ohio, USA in Bachelor of Sc. in Chemical Engineering Engine (Process Design). He would like to apply for jobs in the Public Service but before that, he needs to check whether his academic qualification meets the requirements of the Scheme of Service. Is there any channel provided by JPA to check the recognition of an academic qualification for the purpose of appointment into the Public Service?

Recognition of an academic qualification can be checked through the website of the Recognition of Qualification Unit, Human Capital Development Division, JPA.

18. An Administrative Assistant (Finance) Grade W17 has a Diploma in Accounting and was given the initial salary at P1T1. Is the officer eligible to get a higher initial salary at P1T9 using his/her diploma qualification?

Appointment to the post of Administrative Assistant (Finance) Grade W17 requires a minimum qualification of SPM besides two (2) higher qualifications (i.e. Sijil Perdagangan Malaysia and Polytechnics Certificate in Business Administration or Bookkeeping). Therefore, the officer is eligible to receive higher initial salary as stipulated in the scheme of service for Administrative Assistant (Finance). However, since a diploma qualification is not listed as requirement for appointment to the post of Administrative Assistant (Finance) Grade W17, therefore an officer with a diploma qualification is not eligible to receive higher initial salary based on his/her diploma qualification. But with his/her diploma qualification, he/she could apply for the post of Accountant Assistant Grade W27 through available channel (i.e application by serving officer or Promotion by Appointment (KPSL)) since the scheme of service for Accountant Assistant requires a Diploma in Commerce or Accountancy Studies for appointment to Grade W27.

19. What are the conditions required for a department/ agency to apply for additional new post due to ciritical needs?

Any application for additional new posts can be done through redeployment or trade-off with current post by taking into account Government’s current direction.

20. Can the academic qualification in an advertisement for vacant post such as Administrative Officer Grade N41 which requires a bachelor degree, bachelor degree with honours or Bachelor Degree in Law is made specific to certain field such as bachelor degree in communication

Advertisement for any vacant post must state the requirements as stipulated in the scheme of service. Since the scheme of service for Administrative Officer does not specifically requires degree in certain fields (apart from bachelor degree in Law), therefore the Appointing Authority cannot put specific degree as requirement to apply for the vacant post. However, the Appointing Authority may conduct a screening process to select suitable candidate.

21. We are the incumbent for Juruaudio Visual Grade N17. Could the salary adjustment application be made based on our academic qualification although the post only requires SPM qualification?

Audio Visualist service is one of the 13 services involved in the implementation of Service Circular No. 1 Year 2011 – Malaysia Skills Certificate Qualification For Appointment Into The Public Service, effective from 1 January 2011. Based on the service circular, incumbents with the Malaysia Skills Certificate Level 2 or 3 are eligible for salary adjustment based on terms and conditions as stipulated in the circular.

22. Request that PSD reviews services that are yet to be improved such as the Jetty Supervisor at the Malaysian Fisheries Development Board (LKIM), as compared to Hostel Supervisor and Attire Supervisor that have been upgraded to the Support Group with SPM qualification.

All existing scheme of service in Malaysian Public Service are continuously improved in line with the need of the service and changes in job functions. Hence, PSD take note and will consider the request when there is a study conducted to improve the scheme of service in the future.

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