Sabtu, 19 Januari 2019
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Profile of Public Service Department of Malaysia


  • High Performing, integrity, dynamic and citizen centric Public Service



  • Leading the Development of Public Service Human Resource



  • To rationalise the size of the public service through a systematic and structured human resource planning by conducting a comprehensive manpower projection
  • To provide the public service with service schemes and organisational structure that is relevant, flexible and able to respond to current needs
  • To develop the best and competent human capital to meet the public service's strategic needs through dynamic training policies and sponsorship programmes
  • To manage civil servants and develop human resource management policies through strategic and effective service policies formulation and implementation
  • To formulate policies and guidelines relating to psychology services according to current needs to enhance human resource development in the public service
  • To emphasise on the welfare of retirees and pension recipients through improvement of post-service policies
  • To introduce a competitive and comprehensive remuneration package to the civil servants and develop a harmonious employer-employee relationship
  • To enhance the quality of service delivery through application of technology in human resource management


  • Professionalism
  • Wisdom and Credibility
  • Profesionalisme
  • Teamwork
  • Timeliness
  • Excellence
  • Continuous Learning


  • Planning
    • To determine the roles of the public sector;
    • To determine the organisational size and structure of the public agencies;
    • To determine the requirement and development of human resource;
    • To determine pension and retirement benefits;
    • To determine the implications of privatization/separation on the public sector human resource; and
    • To develop strategic alliances and networking.
  • Development
    • To determine Organisational Development Policies;
    • To determine Career Development Policy;
    • To develop Career Path;
    • To develop Succession Planning; and
    • To determine Training Policy.
  • Management
    • To manage the appointment, emplacement, remuneration, promotion, retirement benefits, service conditions, employer-employee relations, training and human resource database;
    • To formulate and clarify policies on the above mentioned matters to implementer agencies;
    • To manage policies monitoring; and
    • To manage policies evaluation.



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