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Public Service Transformation Framework (PSTF)

Public Service Transformation Framework (PSTF)

Figure 1: Public Service Transformation Framework (PSTF)

The PSTF is constructed based on the principle and foundation of good governance, high patriotism, values, corporate ethics and integrity, inclusive and diverse eco-system and public service environment and science and technology advancement.  It is upheld by five strategic thrusts (ST) of:

  1. ST1 – Revitalising Public Servants
    Strategic Thrust 1 aims to produce competitive, highly knowledgeable, competent, talented and skilful public servants in order to increase performance, productivity and innovation;

  2. ST 2 – Reengineering Public Organisations
    Strategic Thrust 2 focuses on increasing capability and enhancing organisational structure through reengineering process in order to become more dynamic, agile, flexible and adaptable so that it can continue to provide the best of service according to current needs;

  3. ST 3 – Enhancing Service Delivery
    Strategic Thrust 3 concentrates on increasing efficiency and effectiveness based on citizen-centric in order to provide fast, accurate, quality, proactive and responsive public service delivery;

  4. ST 4 – Inclusiveness and ownership
    Strategic Thrust 4 emphasises the need to increase networking and strategic collaboration - local and international - in order to gain more inclusive feedback; and

  5. ST 5 – Enculturing Shared Values
    Strategic Thrust 5 highlights the importance of inculcating patriotism, good values, ethos and integrity to produce civil servants who are patriotic, resilient, ethical, refined and dignified.


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