Sabtu, 19 Januari 2019
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Program Semarakkan Transformasi

One way of reaching out to the rest of public service is through Semarakkan Transformasi to various ministries and agencies. This initiative is conducted through roadshows whereby the PSTF was presented and explained thoroughly.

This program was aimed to be carried out all across ministries, agencies and state services as a way of promoting the Public Service Transformation. To date, JPA has visited 10 ministries and most of the visits were led by YBhg. Tan Sri KPPA himself.

Usually the program begins with a session with YBhg. Tan Sri KPPA, site visit and some exhibitions organised by the host. What is interesting to note in this initiative was the two way sharing of information as a result of this programme. In gearing towards citizen-centric public service, senior officials from JPA including the directors also come together as a team and participated actively during the dialogue session. JPA also benefits from these visits as they also learned about strategic and transformation plan that were develop by the respective ministries.


Program Semarakkan Transformasi Perkhidmatan Awam Miri, Sarawak 14 Jun 2014



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