Isnin, 26 Febuari 2018
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Client's Charter


JPA's Client Charter For Year 2017

JPA's Client Charter For Year 2016

We pledge to:

  • Provide professional services and advice on the formulation and implementation of policies and regulations pertaining to human resource management which includes:
      • Prompt in all actions;
      • Accurate in decision making;
      • Friendly customer service;
      • Timeliness in providing services;
      • Fair and just in deliberation;
      • Ensure that services and information are easily made available and reliable; and
      • Compliance with laws, policies and regulations.
  • Ensure that public agencies are equipped with suitable structures, establishment and schemes of service in accordance with their current responsibilities so as to function at an optimum level;
  • Ensure the best human capital management to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of public personnel through the development of systems and best practices;
  • Increase the productivity and efficiency of public service human capital through pre-service and in-service training with regards to the Public Service training policies;
  • Attract, develop and retain potential workforce towards excellent performance through salary management, allowance and various benefits;
  • Ensure a harmonious employer-employee relations through the widespread dissemination of information so as to improve understanding on issues of common interest;
  • Enforce Public Service pension regulations and ensure that pension’s benefits are payable to qualified recipients;
  • Develop public personnel using the psychological and counselling approach and to provide effective and efficient training in accordance with the principal, ethic and standard practices of the Public Service; and
  • Ensure responses to clients’ enquiries and complaints are fast, accurate and courteous and adhere to the stipulated period as follows:
    • Affirmation of acceptance of complaint within three days;
    • Initial response within 7 days; and
    • Status report on clients’ complaint within two months.



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