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  • 1. What is the difference between advice and counselling?

    Counselling is a process that involves interaction between a trained counsellor and the client whereby in the end the clients would have a positive change in behaviour. While, an advice is a session whereby an individual seeking advice from someone who is not trained.

  • 2. Is the public eligible for the counselling services?

    Besides civil servants, PSD sponsored students and pensioners, the public is also eligible to receive counselling services from the Psychology Management Division.

  • 3. How do i make an appointment with a counselor?

    Appointments can be made by visiting PSD website at and click at the e-KPA button. Clients could also make an appointment by e-mail, telephone, mail or by walk-in to Psychology Management Division office.

  • 4. What are the types of problems that could be discussed?

    The types of problems that can be discussed includes personal, career, family, health and self - development.

  • 5. Will the information from the counselling sessions be disclosed to anyone else?

    Everything that have been shared during the counselling session would be bound by the ethics of confidentiality except for the information that may harm the client or other people and violation of existing laws.

  • 6. Is there any charge for the counselling sessions?

    No, the counselling sessions are free of charge.

  • 7. What are the types of online psychological assessment available from PSD?

    The online tests that available are:

    • Indicator Perwatakan Unggul (assessing individual character from 3 main aspects, namely thoughts, emotions and behaviour)
    • Indeks Bimbingan Kerjaya (to determine individual tendency on the selection of a career or field of study that is compatible with the personality)
    • Indeks Personaliti (to determine personality based on the four main aspects of social communication, information processing, processing of results and lifestyle practices)
    • Inventori Stres Organisasi (to establish the level of stress experienced by individuals based on 4 aspects namely cause of stress, reactions to stress, the orientation of the stress, and stress management skills)
    • Inventori Pengurusan Konflik (to determine individual conflict management styles based on how they express and react to conflict)
    • Indeks Motivasi Diri (to determine 15 personal factors that motivate individuals, 3 sources of motivation, 3 aspects of job motivation and 3 levels of leadership motivation)
    • Indeks Organisasi Cemerlang (to identify the psychological issues within the organization in terms of personality, organizational climate, organizational effectiveness, organizational values, delinquent behavior and leadership)
    • Profil Personaliti dan Kerjaya Pegawai (to create a systematic data bank of the background and psychological information of civil servants)
  • 8. How to apply for the online psychological assessment from psd?

    Please submit a written application with your particulars and suggested date for the test to Psychology Management Division. Application must be submitted within 2 weeks prior to the proposed date of the test.

  • 9. Contact us :

    Please contact the following officers for more information:
    Dr. Azura binti Hamdan (Psychometric)
    Phone: 03-88855248

    Encik Sadli Bin Osman (Counselling)
    Phone: 03-8885 5205
    Email :

    Psychology Management Division
    Public Service Department of Malaysia
    Level 3, Block 1, Menara Seri Wilayah,
    Precint 2,
    62100 Putrajaya

    General Line:


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