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  • 1. What is Joint Department Council (JDC)

    Joint Department Council (JDC) is a two-way medium, where the employees were given a channel to communicate with the management in the expression of opinion, views and contribute valuable ideas for the betterment of the organization.

  • 2. Establishment of MBJ

    All Government agencies that operate directly involved in administration, human resource management and financial affairs and has the power to consider and make decisions on these matters is required to establish MBJ. For the purpose of establishing the MBJ, a draft constitution which was agreed by the management and employees should be drafted in advance and shall be submitted to JPA for approval.

  • 3. Fields and Functions

    Scope, fields and function of MBJ emphasizes towards the importance of employees in an organization. In addition to tackling the problems faced by the workers, it also serves as a forum for discussion between management and workers. Active MBJ indirectly will be able to inculcate the spirit of work among employees to work with more dedication and productive.

  • 4. Things that can be discussed

    Things discussed include all matters related to conditions affecting the work unless government policies or personal matters. However, policy-related issues can be discussed with a view to explain the implementation only.

    Among the things that can be discussed at the forum include the issue of allowances and benefits, finance, services, schemes and employment services, welfare, administrative and other matters.

  • 5. Benefits of MBJ

    Among the benefits to be derived from the MBJ meetings are to create positive relationships and attitudes between management and employees, satisfaction, increased productivity, work quality improvement, cost reduction, employee development, mutual respect, problem solving, loyalty to organization, and unity.

  • 6. For more details please contact :-

    For more details
    Officer Syaifena Binti Zainuddin
    Telephone 03-88855614
    Officer Naeem Azmi Bin Niaz Ahmad
    Telephone 03-88855623

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