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  • Definition
  • 1. What is a promotion?

    Promotion means substantive upgrading from one grade to a higher grade within the same service and scheme of service with the approval of the Promotion Board.

  • Appeal For Promotion / Acting
  • 1. Who can make an appeal for the promotion?

    Officers are considered either successful or failed savings decision of an appreciable portion of the Promotion Board may appeal.

  • 2. If an officer who is aggrieved by the decision of a Promotion Board, what can be done by the officer?

    Officer may appeal to the Appeal Board in writing through the Chairman of the Promotion Board within thirty days from the date of the Promotion Board's decision was communicated to the officer.

  • 3. What is the quorum of the Board of Appeal?

    Three including the Chairman

  • 4. Can officer appeal on the decision of the Board of Appeal?

    The decision of an Appeal Board is final.

  • Disciplinary Action & Promotion
  • 1. Can officer who has been punished being promoted?

    Officer who has been punished with disciplinary actions will automatically lost the eligibility to be considered for acting positions. The uneligible period is depending on the type of punishment. (Please refer to Article 12, Guideline on Management of Acting and Promotion in Civil Service, Service Circular No. 7 of 2010).

  • 2. Can officer who is under investigation be considered for promotion?

    Yes. Officers who are currently under a disciplinary action or investigation by MACC may be considered in any of the acting / promotion exercises and can be promoted subject to him/her free from any disciplinary action. The investigation status shall be informed to the Promotion Board.

  • 3. Reference :

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    Officer En. Mohammad Hafiz bin Mohd Shafiai
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  • Factors Determined To Seniority Of An Officer
  • 1. How to determine the seniority of officers?

    Article 34, Part VI of the Public Officers (Appointment, Promotion and Termination of Service) 2012 [P.U. (A) 1/2012] the seniority of an officer is determined as follows:

    1. For officers in an appointment grade, according to the date the officer was appointed permanently; and
    2. For an officer in a promotional grade, according to the date the officer holds the grade substantively.
  • 2. What factors that affects seniority an officer?

    Among the factors that affects the seniority of an officer are:

    1. Unpaid leave, other than unpaid study leave; an officer who is granted loses his seniority for the period he is on such leave;
    2. Extension of probation period with penalty; an officer shall lose his/her seniority for a period and equal to the extended period of penalty; and
    3. An officer who reverts to his previous scheme of service loses his seniority for the period he remains outside his previous scheme of service.
    4. Absent from duty without leave, without permission or without reasonable cause during the period of absence.
  • Reserved Candidates for Promotion
  • 1. How long is the validity period for Reserved Candidates?

    The validity period is six (6) months. If the vacancy is expected to be available after the expiry of the validity period, Head of Department may apply to the Promotion Board to extend the period for another six (6) months for validity.

  • Promotion Board
  • 1. Who are members of the Promotion Board?

    Membership of the Public Services Promotion Board is as set out in the third (3) column in the Schedule of the Membership of the Public Services Promotion Boards and Public Service Promotion Appeal Boards 2010 [P.U. (A) 75/2010]

  • 2. Can a Promotion Board is conducted by circulation?

    No. A Promotion Board shall meet on such date and at such place and at times as the Chairman of the Promotion Board may determine.

  • 3. Can a Promotion Board convene its members despite the absentees?

    Yes, as long as the quorum is met. Quorum for the Promotion Board is three (3) members including the Chairman

  • 4. Who can appoint a Panel Interview for promotion?

    Chairman of the Promotion Board

  • Eligibility For Promotion
  • 1. When shall officers be eligible for promotion?

    An officer is eligible for promotion only if he/she fulfilled all the conditions specified in the schemes of service and if there are vacancies for promotion, unless the scheme of service provide otherwise.

  • 2. What factors determine eligibility of for promotion for an officer?

    According to the Public Officers (Appointment, Promotion and Termination of Service) Regulations 2012 [P.U. (A) 1/2012], an officer can be considered for promotion based on the following factors:

    1. work efficiency and performance;
    2. qualifications, knowledge, skills and experience;
    3. personal attributes, including his suitability for the promotional post, integrity, potential and leadership;
    4. contribution and activities beyond official duties benefiting the country and the society; and
    5. Other aspects deemed relevant by the Promotion Board.

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