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Encik Jaafar bin Jantan
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     Corporate Communications Unit, Public Service Department, was approved following the Financial Procedure Act, 1957 Section 15 (3) Posts Warrant No. A51 2009, starting from 16 March 2009. The establishment of this unit is done through the decision of the Special Cabinet Committee on National Management, Series 6 No.2 / 2008m on 22nd September 2008. The committee had agreed that the posts of Public Relations Officers (PPA) in the Ministries should be revised and the role and functions of PPAs should be realigned in tandem with the aspirations of the government.

     Corporate Communications Unit was established in 1st January 2016 through the restructuring process of the previous Communications Team, and the expansion of their role and functions, which serves to enhance the image of PSD as the main driving force for public service transformation.

  • Maintaining positive relations between the Department, the public, and the media through an effective dissemination of information service strategy that contributes to PSD’s objectives;
  • Ensuring effective plans and implementations of media plans regarding publicity, promotions and campaigns for every policies, roles, programmes and activities, and the Department’s official functions through promotional items, print and electronic media.
  • Providing handouts and reference materials that are available to the public and media, including informative materials for each policy, roles, programs and activities, and official Department functions through the issuance of printed materials such as newsletters, annual reports, brochures, flyers; photographs; and videos;
  • Ensuring complaints and suggestions from the customers and public regarding services by PSD is followed through smoothly while meeting their demands; and
  • Ensuring that customers and public who seeks information or who are currently or had previously received any service from the Department are treated well and handled quickly and effectively.

To act as the corporate image catalyst for PSD by becoming the medium of information regarding corporate clients and customers for the KPPA.

Designated as the manager of communications and media relations, as well as protagonist of PSD’s counter services, the Corporate Communications Unit is responsible directly to the Director General of Public Service with the following main functions:

  • Acting as the Department’s 'focal point' in the dissemination of information at departmental, national and global level;
  • Planning and implementing PSD’s corporate image empowerment strategy;
  • Planning and implementing the Department’s public relations programmes; and
  • Coordinates the preparation of briefings, logistics and visitation arrangements for the Department’s local and foreign guests.

  • Planning, managing and documenting information materials for every policy, roles, programmes and activities, and Department’s official functions through the publication of printed materials such as newsletters, annual reports, brochures, flyers, photos, and videos that are made available for the media and public;
  • Coordinating and documenting KPPA‘s speeches; and
  • Coordinating and updating the contents of PSD’s portal.

  • Acting as the focal point regarding matters of the Department’s service delivery and customer relationships;
  • Planning and implementing PSD’s service delivery strategies and control management. Manage the daily operations of 1Serve JPA4U counter.
  • Coordinating and managing complaints, questions and suggestions received by the Department through SISPAA, 1MOCC, letters, emails, telephone calls, facsimile and social media.
  • Planning and implementing e-Pelanggan PSD (Virtual Hari Bertemu Pelanggan).
  • Planning and implementing JPA’s Customer Satisfaction Survey annually.
  • Monitoring and managing feedbacks on current issues related to PSD and the Public Service.

  • Planning and implementing media plans regarding publicity, promotions and campaigns for every policy, roles, programmes and activities, and official Department’s functions through TV and radio broadcasts; promotional materials such as buntings, banners and billboards; articles for the newspaper inserts; speeches; and information programs on PSD‘s service delivery;
  • Managing public and media relations by planning media strategies on dissemination of information through media coverage/press conferences, press releases, media releases and special TV/radio/newspaper interviews, as well as programmes with the media; and
  • Convey information regarding facts and circumstances related to the Department.

  • Monitoring the content of PSD’s Portal.
  • Managing the Department’s social media accounts department by ensuring the contents are constantly updated with the Department’s programmes / activities and current issues related to the public service;
  • Monitoring and managing the Information Board and Intelligent Smart Panel digital content in the Department is regularly updated; and
  • Monitoring the Sistem Pengurusan Aduan Awam (SISPAA)