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Scheme of Service & Establishment

Schemes of Service and Employment Establishment

1. What are the differences between a 'Contract for Service (CFS)' and a 'Contract of Service (COF)'?
2. What are the differences between research on restructuring of organisations, strengthening of employment establishment, and creation of a new agency?
3. What are the methods used in considering the applications for grade adjustment and strengthening of an establishment?
4. What are the differences between Premiere Grade and Special Grade?
5. Why are Open Posts needed in the Public Service?
6. Agency Y (closed agency) informed Public Service Department (PSD) that the agency has only two (2) Accountant posts at Grade W48 and grade W41. The situation causes slim chances to the Grade W41 officer to be promoted. What are the appropriate actions to solve the problem?
7. A Statutory Body claims that it has a number of long-servicing officers who are yet to be promoted due to no vacancy in promotional grades/posts. What is the right advice for the agency?
8. Puan Suhana is an Administrative Assistant (Clerical/Operational) Grade N17 acting for Grade N22. She has requested for the post to be made Special to Holder (KUP). Can the request be considered?
9. What are the meanings are of: i) Agency with separated remuneration and released. ii) Agency with separated remuneration but not released.
10. There are three (3) candidates who have been appointed as assistant science officer grade c27. Each of them possesses a diploma in science from Universiti Teknologi Mara (UITM), diploma in laboratory technology from Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) and diploma in rubber and plastic technology from uitm, respectively. What is the appropriate initial salary that should be received by the three (3) candidates?
11. Is there any source of reference for comparison of rank between Royal Malaysian Police (RMP), Malaysian Armed Forces (MAF) and Public Service based on Service Circular No. 25 Year 2009?
12. What is the definition and purpose of having Multiple Entry Qualification (MEQ) in a scheme of service?
13. What are the circumstance that allows a department to apply for a new special to holder (KUP) post?
14. What is the purpose of having Bahasa Melayu requirement?
15. Is the process of recruiting for critical posts, for example medical officer also being frozen in accordance to PSD Circular Letter JPA.BPO(S)71/3/4-2 VOL.3(17) dated 20 May 2011?
16. Definition/ Terminology of Services Group.
18. An Administrative Assistant (Finance) Grade W17 has a Diploma in Accounting and was given the initial salary at P1T1. Is the officer eligible to get a higher initial salary at P1T9 using his/her diploma qualification?
19. What are the conditions required for a department/ agency to apply for additional new post due to ciritical needs?
20. Can the academic qualification in an advertisement for vacant post such as administrative officer grade N41 which requires a Bachelor Degree, Bachelor Degree with Honours or Bachelor Degree in Law be made specific to a certain field such as Bachelor Degree in Communication
21. We are the incumbent for Juruaudio Visual Grade N17. Could the salary adjustment application be made based on our academic qualification although the post only requires SPM qualification?
22. Request that PSD reviews services that are yet to be improved such as the Jetty Supervisor at the Malaysian Fisheries Development Board (LKIM), as compared to Hostel Supervisor and Attire Supervisor that have been upgraded to the Support Group with SPM qualification.
23. Contact Person :