Thursday, 20 June 2024
13 Dhu al-Hijjah 1445


  • A Public Service of High Performance, Integrity, Dynamic and People-Oriented


  • Driving and Leading the Development of Public Service’s Human Resources


“Leading Reform, Driving Change”

  • Improving governance, upholding accountability and transparency in Government administration. The Public Service Department (PSD) serves as the central agency in reforming the overall public services towards greater efficiency and effectiveness in both development and human resource management that inspire confidence and trust among the people.


  • To rationalise the size of public service through systematic and structured human resource planning by carrying out a comprehensive human resources requirement projection.
  • To provide public services with schemes of service and organisational structure that are relevant, flexible and able to fulfil current needs to enable the organisation to perform its established functions.
  • To produce and develop outstanding and competent human capital to meet the strategic needs of the public service and the country through dynamic training policies and sponsorship programmes.
  • To manage public service and develop human resource management policies through the formulation and implementation of strategic and effective service policies.
  • To formulate policies and guidelines in relation to psychology services based on current needs to strengthen the human resource development in the public service.
  • To prioritise the welfare of retirees and pension recipients through improvements in post-service policies.
  • To introduce the best and most comprehensive remuneration package to civil servants and to develop harmonious employer-employee relationships.
  • To reinforce the use of technology in human resource management towards improving the service delivery quality.


  • Teamwork
  • Excellence and Pre-eminence
  • Professionalism
  • Courtesy and Credibility
  • Knowledgeable through Continuous Learning


  • Planning
    • Determines the role of the public sector;
    • Determines the size and organisational structure of public agencies;
    • Determines human resource requirements and development;
    • Determines remuneration and retirement benefits;
    • Determines the implications of privatisation/separation on public sector human resources; and
    • Develops strategic alliances and networking.
  • Development
    • Determines the organisational development policy;
    • Determines the career development policy;
    • Develops career paths;
    • Develops the succession planning; and
    • Determines the training policy.
  • Management
    • Manages recruitment, placement, remuneration, promotion, retirement benefits, conditions of service, employer-employee relations, training and human resources training;
    • Formulates and clarifies the policies for the matters mentioned above to the implementing agencies;
    • Manages policy monitoring; and
    • Manages policy evaluations.


  • PSD is committed to the management and development of high-performing, dynamic, effective, efficient, and fair human resources to establish an outstanding and people-oriented public sector.