Saturday, 13 July 2024
06 Muharram 1446


Puan Diyana binti Hassim
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Manages and coordinates corporate communications programmes, media management and publicity, as well as PSD’s customer relations

  1. Serves as a coordinator in the delivery and distribution of information at departmental, national and global levels;
  2. Plans and implements strategies for empowering PSD’s corporate image through the implementation of outreach activities and publicity on PSD’s communication medium;
  3. Coordinates the preparation for briefings, logistics and visit arrangements for local guests with other related divisions;
  4. Coordinates and documents information materials for programmes and activities, as well as department’s official events through the publication of printed materials, such as bulletins, annual reports, brochures and photo coverage for publicity purposes;
  5. Monitors and updates the content of PSD portal; and
  6. Manages and monitors digital content of PSD’s Smart Intelligent Panel.

  1. Acts as a coordinator regarding matters concerning the department’s service delivery and customer relationships;
  2. Manages the daily operations of the JPA4U counter;
  3. Manages and coordinates complaints, inquiries and suggestions received through SISPAA, MyGCC and PSD communication channels;
  4. Plans and implements PSD’s e-Pelanggan programme (Virtual Meet of Customers Day).
  5. Plans and implements PSD’s External Customer Satisfaction Survey on an annual basis; and
  6. Coordinates and monitors the compliance of PSD Client’s Charter together with other Divisions/Units.

  1. Acts as a coordinator in the implementation of media plan in relation to publicity and promotion of Department's policies and activities through mass media and new media platforms for the purpose of providing PSD service information;
  2. Monitors news coverage of the Department and public services in general;
  3. Coordinates and manages media inquiries and responses related to the current Department issues;
  4. Manages and monitors the Department's social media content to ensure information is updated with the latest information materials;
  5. Coordinates and manages the department’s exhibition activities; and
  6. Planning public relations and media management activities to increase the network of strategic collaboration with the media.