Monday, 10 May 2021
28 Ramadan 1442

Datuk Haji Mohd Danial bin Ma'alip
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  • Appointment of System Analyst, at INTAN JPA (19 November 1984 - 31 December 1984)
  • System Analyst at the Electronic Data Processing Division, of the Meteorology Department (January 1985 - 30 September 1988)
  • System Analyst, Affairs Law Division at the Ministry of Justice, Kuala Lumpur (1 October 1988-14 September 1992)
  • System Analyst grade F3, at the Public Service Department (15 September 1992 - 15 October 1993)
  • System Analyst grade F3, at MAMPU, Prime Minister Department (October 16, 1993 - January 31, 2014)
  • Information Technology Officer grade 54, Director, Maritime First Admiral, Information Technology Division, Office of the Deputy Director General, Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (APMKM) (1 February 2014 - 29 January 2015)
  • JUSA C, Director of Information Management Division, JPA (January 30, 2015 - present)

  • To ensure the public sector’s human resource information is always up to date.
  • To ensure that the public sector agencies implement HRMIS according to schedule.
  • To ensure that HRMIS and core applications are accessible at all times and secured in accordance with established policies and standards.
  • To ensure HRMIS, core applications, and ICT infrastructure remain relevant through continuous improvement.
  • To ensure the implementation of ICT policy through:
    • Dynamic Information Technology Strategic Plan;
    • ICT Security Procedures; and
    • ICT Regulations.

  • Ensures that HRMIS is implemented in all public sector agencies in line with the vision of the public service and the goal of Electronic Government;
  • Maintains and provides information on public sector personnel;
  • Provides a reliable and secured infrastructure ;
  • Plans, develops, and maintains application systems based on ICT Strategic Plan;
  • Implements training, awareness and enculturation of ICT among civil servants; and
  • Provides ICT advisory services.