Thursday, 21 November 2019
24 Rabi' al-awwal 1441
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Pension Matters

1. What are the roles and responsibilities of future pensioners?
2. What should be done if there is any promotion, salary increase or any changes in either service terms or last drawn salary?
3. Does non-permanent services (Sandaran) can be taken into for the calculation of retirement benefits?
4. When will the gratuity and monthly pension be paid to those who retire due to health?
5. What should the family of an officer do if the officer died while still in service?
6. What should the family of pensioners do if the pensioners died after retired?
7. What should be done if pension recipient continue his/her study upon reaching first academic degree?
8. Does widow/widower whom was married while in retirement eligible for derivative pension?
9. Does child who was born in retirement period eligible to receive derivative pension?
10. Does widow/widower who was married after privatization eligible for derivative pension?
12. What is Cash in Lieu on Accumulated Leave (GCR)?
13. When was GCR take into charge?
14. Who is eligible for GCR?
15. Who are not eligible for GCR?
16. How was GCR accumulated?
17. GCR calculation formula?
18. Which department are responsible to pay GCR?
19. Where does the GCR allocation comes from?
20. When the GCR will be paid?