Sunday, 24 October 2021
17 Rabi' al-awwal 1443

Courtesy Fare

1. What is the meaning of "Courtesy Fare"?
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Amendments To Annual Leave Entitlement And Option To Officers

1. What is the rationale behind the amendment to the Annual Leave entitlement, as implemented under PP 14/2008?
2. When is the effective date of the implementation of the new Annual Leave entitlement under PP 14/2008?
3. What is the new Annual Leave entitlement for temporary and contract officers appointed on or after 1st January 2009?
4. Should the Education Service Officers/ Higher Education Officers who are currently entitled for School Term Leave and Special Annual Leave be offered the option under PP 14/2008?
5. What are the implications for officers who reject the options under PP 14/2008?
6. Should an officer who has been offered an extension of the mandatory retirement age under PP 6/2008 and who has decided to retire at the retirement age of 55 or 56 be offered option under PP 14/2008?
7. Is an officer who rejected the new option under PP 14/2008 entitle for the maximum increase of GCR to 150 days as stipulated in PP 18/2008?

Half Pay Leave

1. Can an officer take Half Pay Leave (CSG) for the purpose of taking care his/her ill mother-in-law?
2. How many days of CSG is an officer serving for a year and a half (18 months) entitled to?
3. If an officer has served the government for 10 years and 6 months (126 months), how many days of CSG is he/she entitled to?
4. An officer has used Extended Medical Leave (CSG) for 90 days. Will it affect his/her CSG entitlement?
5. Can the Head of Department allow CSG for more than 14 days?
6. What are the required conditions and documents to apply for CSG?

Unpaid Leave

1. What are the general requirements to apply for Unpaid Leave (CTG)?
2. If an officer has served for a year and six months (18 months), how many days of CTG would he/she be entitled to?
3. How many days of CTG would an officer serving for 20 years and six months (246 months) be entitled to?
4. An officer has used Extended Medical Leave (unpaid) for 90 days and Child Care Leave (unpaid) for 150 days. Will this affect the qualified days for CTG?
5. An officer received an offer to go for Hajj. However he/she does not fulfill the conditions to apply for Hajj Leave. Can the officer use CTG instead?

Maternity Leave

1. For each birth, an officer is given the flexibility to determine the number of days (between 60 to 90 days) she requires for Maternity Leave. Does that indicate that an officer can apply for Maternity Leave regardless of whether the number of days is 68, 70, 75, 82, or 85 days?
2. An officer applied 80 days of Maternity Leave for her fourth child. However, the Head of Department only approved for 60 days due to lack of manpower in the department. Does the Head of Department has the right to do so?
3. An officer (excluding teachers) has the remaining Maternity Leave of 30 days. What are the options that can be used by the officer to be able to comply with the Maternity Leave of 60 to 90 days?
4. An officer (excluding teachers) has utilized the maximum Maternity Leave of 300 days. What are the options that the officer can make use in order to comply with the Maternity Leave period?
5. Can an officer use Sick Leave to replace Maternity Leave if the officer has exhausted the maximum of 300 days?
6. Can an officer who had a miscarriage at 24 weeks of pregnancy apply for Maternity Leave?
7. Will the qualified Maternity Leave for a contract officer be taken into consideration when the officer becomes a permanent staff?
8. Can an officer amend the period of Maternity Leave which has already been approved by the Head of Department?
9. Mrs. Sarah is on study leave and during that period, she delivered her second child without suspending her study. Is she entitled to apply for Maternity Leave?

Free Passage For Funeral Expenses

1. What is the meaning of "free passage for funeral expenses is granted to an officer’s family involved in regional relocation"?
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Housing Benefit

1. What is the definition of "Government Quarter"?
2. Is the Government responsible to allocate a quarter to Government Officers?
3. When is a retiring officer required to vacate the quarter he is occupying?
4. Is an officer occupying a Government quarter eligible for Housing Allowance?
5. Is an officer occupying a sub-standard house (a house without basic necessities) entitled to a Housing Allowance?
6. When two (2) or more officers are permitted to share a Government quarter, how is the rental fees for that quarter allocated?
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