Sunday, 24 October 2021
17 Rabi' al-awwal 1443

General Questions

1. What is the role of INTAN?
2. Where is INTAN located?
3. What is INTAn's contact details?

Course Application

1. Who are eligible to undergo training at INTAN?
2. How to apply for courses at INTAN?
3. Is the permission/approval of the Head of Department/Supervisor required for an online application?
4. What happens if the Head of Department/Supervisor disapproves the application?
5. How do applicants choose a suitable course for them?
6. How do applicants know if a course is still open for application?
7. When will the application for a course be closed?
8. How do applicants check for the status of their applications?
9. Who is the contact person for any inquiries about a scheduled course?
10. If an application is unsuccessful, can appeals be made?
11. What action will be taken against the participants who fail to attend a course after confirmation their attendance ?is made?

Training And Support Services

1. Where can we access the INTAN's Training Project Calendar?
2. How much is the fee for each course at INTAN?
3. What is the payment method?
4. Is accommodation provided for all participants?
5. What is the check-in procedure at the INTAN's hostel?
6. What are the facilities provided by INTAN?
7. Are the facilities in INTAN open to the public?
8. Does INTAN offer its facilities for rent?
9. Is INTAN Library open to the public?
10. Who are eligible to become members of INTAN Library?
11. Can I borrow books from the INTAN Library if I am not a member?

Main Courses/Products Of INTAN

1. Can an officer who is not under the Federal Training Fund (Hadiah Latihan Persekutuan) apply for the Quantitative Analysis (QA) Course?
2. What is the Postgraduate Diploma in Public Management Programme (DPA)?
3. What Is The Advanced Leadership And Management Programme (ALMP)?
4. What is EPSA?
5. What is the ISAC assessment?
6. Who sits for the ISAC assessment?
7. How to apply for the ISAC assessment?

Others Information

1. Does INTAN provide industrial training/internship programme for undergraduate students?
2. How to apply for jobs in INTAN?
3. How to obtain the services of INTAN's speakers or trainers?
4. How to purchase INTAN publications?