Friday, 21 June 2024
14 Dhu al-Hijjah 1445

Acting Approval & Termination

1. What is the definition of “acting”?
2. Can the Head of Department direct an officer to hold an acting position?
3. Can an officer be promoted without acting for the post first?
4. Can an officer be terminated from acting?

Acting Allowance

1. How is the Acting Allowance calculated?
2. Will the acting allowance be recollected when an officer is promoted if the date of the promotion is backdated?

Special Performance Appraisal Report (LNPK)

2. Who need to prepare the LNPK?
3. Who can be the Appraiser (PP) for the LNPK?
4. What is the weighted score for the LNPK if it used in combination with the LNPT for promotion purposes?
5. What is the rationale for using the LNPK?
5. What is the rationale for using the LNPK?
6. What are the other purposes of the LNPK other than for promotion and acting?