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Public Service Department refers to the letter by Prakash from Sungai Petani, "Will SBPA Take The Path Of Its Predecessors?" as published in The Sun on 29 December 2011.

JPA wishes to thank the writer for their views and suggestions. As such, the issues and matters highlighted in the article were also raised by CUEPACS to JPA.

Among the issues raised on the implementation of SBPA is the short option period and performance evaluation that is associated with the implementation of SBPA's Exit Policy.

For the writer's kind information, negotiations and discussions with CUEPACS were held and a MOU was signed between the two parties that touches on SBPA  issues which will be monitored and discussed from time to time.

To ensure fairness in the implementation of SBPA's Exit Policy, officers who are given low marks in their performance evaluation appraisal will undergo another panel of evaluators. This is done so that no element of persecution will occur towards the officer. The panel will also be represented by CUEPACS who will act as an observer.

In the implementation of PROSPEK, CUEPACS will also be included in the panel as an observer.


Corporate Communications Unit
Public Service Department Malaysia
30 December 2011