Sunday, 24 October 2021
17 Rabi' al-awwal 1443

Organisational Restructuring And Service Scheming

1. What is the difference between “Contract For Service” (CFS) and “Contract Of Service” (COS)?
2. What is the difference among studies of Organisational Restructuring, Post Consolidation and Establishment of New Agency?
3. What methods /principles used by BPO when considering applications on grade changes and post consolidation of the establishment?
4. What are the differences between Premiere Grade and Special Grade?
5. Why "Open Designations" are still needed in the public service?

Schemes Of Service

1. Definitions/ Terminologies of Service Groups:
2. Is there any Service Circular Letter or Service Circular that should be referred simultaneously in identifying the acknowledged requirement for the purpose of appointment into Public Service?
3. How to identify that a certain qualification whether a diploma or a degree is acknowledged for appointment into Public Service and how to identify any equivalent qualification?
4. If I have an MOE’s Matriculation’s Certificate, am I eligible to apply for any position in the Public Service Commission?
5. With my Matriculation’s Certificate qualification which I possessed, what would be my starting grade and salary that suits the requirement if I were to work in Public Sector?
6. What are the current grades for scheme of service based on qualifying group which came into force?
7. How do I review the qualification field of Malaysian Skills Certificate (SKM) for Level 2 and Level 3 in accordance with the scheme of service for the purpose of appointment into Public Service?
9. Are the qualification of Malaysian Vocational Certificate (SVM) can be used for the appointment in Public Service?
10. How do I check vocational certificates Malaysia (SVM) field of qualification provided in the related scheme of service for the purpose of appointment into Public Service?