Thursday, 20 June 2024
13 Dhu al-Hijjah 1445

Scheme of Service & Employment Establishment

1. What are the differences between Contract for Service (CFS) and Contract of Service (COF)?
2. What are the differences between Restructuring, Establishment Strengthening & Establishment of a New Agency Studies?
3. What are the methods/principles used by BPO in considering the application for a change in job grade and establishment strengthening?
4. What are the differences between Premier Grade and Special Grade?
5. Why are “Open Posts” still required in public service?

Schemes Of Service

1. Definitions/Terminologies of the Service Groups currently in effect.
2. Is there a Service Circular Letter or a Service Circular that should be referred to in determining the recognised credentials for recruitment to Public Service?
3. How do I check whether a particular qualification at the diploma or degree level is recognised for the purpose of appointment to Public Service and how do I determine an equivalent qualification?
4. I have an MOE Matriculation Certificate. Am I eligible to apply for employment with the Public Service Commission?
5. With my Matriculation Certificate qualification, what would be my starting grade and salary if I am accepted to work in the public sector?
6. What are the scheme of service grades that are currently in force based on the qualification groups?
7. How do I check the qualification fields for Level 2 and Level 3 of Malaysian Skills Certificate (SKM) according to the scheme of service for the purpose of appointment to Public Service?
9. Can the Malaysian Vocational Certificate (SVM) qualification be used for appointment to Public Service?