Wednesday, 19 June 2024
12 Dhu al-Hijjah 1445

Pre-Service Training (LSP)

1. How do I apply for education sponsorship from PSD?
2. What is meant by a Convertible Loan (PBU) under the PSD Sponsorship New Model?
3. What is Student Assessment Centre (SAC)?
4. What are the allowances provided by PSD?
5. How do I make a claim for practical training?
6. What are the application conditions for Marriage during studies for PSD-sponsored students?
7. Can I participate in a Mobility Programme or a student exchange programme at a university abroad or outside the country of study?
8. Can I change sponsors if I received an offer from another sponsor after I have accepted the PSD scholarship?
9. Can I change courses or fields during my studies after I have accepted the PSD scholarship?
10. What types of services are provided on MySELF (Malaysian Student Engagement Online Feed) Portal?
11. What if the sponsorship duration does not correspond to the university’s study duration?
12. How can students report for duty upon graduation?