Wednesday, 19 June 2024
12 Dhu al-Hijjah 1445


1. What is a promotion?

Appeal For Promotion / Acting

1. Who can appeal for a promotion?
2. What can be done by an officer who is aggrieved by the Promotion Board’s decision?
3. What is the quorum of the Appeal Board meeting?

Disciplinary Action & Acting for Promotion

1. Is an officer who has been subjected to disciplinary punishment eligible for acting for a promotion?
2. Can an officer who is under investigation be considered for a promotion?
3. Contact person for reference:

Factors & Determinants of the Seniority of Officers

1. How is an officer’s seniority determined?
2. What are the factors that can cause an officer to lose his/her seniority?

Reserved Candidates for Promotion

1. What is the validity period for reserved candidates?

Promotion Board

1. Who are the members of the Promotion Board?
2. Can a Promotion Board meeting be conducted by circulation?
3. Can a Promotion Board meeting convene even though some members are absent?
4. Who can appoint an Interview Panel for a promotion?

Promotion Factors & Matters

1. When will an officer be eligible for a promotion?
2. What are the factors that determine the eligibility of an officer for acting/promotion?

Determination of Promotional Salary

1. What are the regulations used in determining the promotional salary?